Profotek, industrial stitching and fashion . . .

The fabric, the durability, the versatility, the fashionability... what can’t you do in these leggings!?

Just.b The Females Athleisure Clothing Line LLC created a clothing line for us women, who do it all! 

Content: 87.50% VX Perfotek Nylon, 12.50% Spandex

Weight: 344 OR 480 GM/yd GSM

That formulates to the most durable and comfortable leggings on the market! Hands down. 

Equipped with 2 sleek side pockets spacious enough for the iPhone+. 

Wear these leggings:

  • Yoga
  • Hikes
  • Brunch 
  • Day dates
  • Lifting weights 
  • Meditation 
  • Evening dinner
  • Errand running 
  • Dressed up 
  • Casual 

The comfort, style, and durability of these leggings are for every occasion. 

Not only are just.b leggings versatile, durable and fashionable, 10% of all Just.b proceeds is directly used to help those in need. Learn more HERE.  

Not only will you look good, but your part of something more. 

To better here, Now! 

-The Just.b team


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